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Start promoting your business with an upgraded listing.

Take the opportunity to improve your Chamber Directory listing. Your profile will look and work better, helping to drive more customers to your business. We have 2 great options to choose from. To upgrade your listing, you must either claim, or have already claimed your listing, or submit an entirely new listing (your old one will be deleted).


The standard listing comes at no additional cost with your annual membership.
1 Category
Business Name
Contact Info
Map to your location

President's Club

Show the community your support for our collective mission
All Pro Upgrade Features
Presidential Membership Certificate
Use of President's Club Logo
Listing on President's Club page

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a listing, can I upgrade it?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing directory item. You can do this one of 2 ways: 1) purchase your chosen upgrade online, by creating an account now, and we will assign your listing to that account; 2) claim your free listing, and purchase your upgrade through the office, and we will upgrade your listing manually. 

Does the upgraded listing really help?

Absolutely! Your standard membership listing comes with your business name, address, and contact info, along with only 1 business category. When people search our directory, they want to know much more than this. By upgrading your account, you get to add a logo, description, social media links, photos, hours of operation, and up to 3 different categories. This is the kind of info potential customers want to see. 

What does the President's Club do?

The President's Club is not an active committee or group. Its a designation that you have gone above and beyond to support your community, and the Chamber's collective mission. This designation gets you the best possible directory listing, but more importantly, gives you a badge you can share with the community, so they know how great you really are.